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On the farm


Set in 65 acres of beautiful lanscape in the heart of the Cévennes National Park in south-central France, the campsite of Cassagnac offers a great camping experience, with 6 traditional yurts for rental on a weekly basis or for shorter stays.


In 2011, our region was selected as a UNESCO world heritage.


The farm produces goat milk made into cheese using quality certified organic farming technique.


The flock will soon be composed of 35 goats.

The production of cheese will start in 2013 as well as the raising and processing of pork.


The campsite provides a wide range of local products, such as home-made dishes, patés made of pork, poultry or lamb, marmelades, honey, fruit juices, liqueurs...





A few historical elements on Cassagnas (693m high)


The word Cassagnas comes from cassé meaning green oak tree

and sagnas meaning spring.


The village is situated in a valley scattered with chestnut and oak trees. A little river called the Mimente paves the way for the travellers to the village.


A legion of French Protestants called the Camisards had their barracks in caverns nearby. They were men of religious beliefs ; they spent their time singing and reciting psalms, when not at war.


Until today, the inhabitants of Cassagnas have been faithful to protestantism.





Activities in the farm


Backpacking with full kit for wildlife observation


Visit of the farm and animals


Walking with a female donkey or a pony


Games and cards available in the lounge


Library with books dedicated to the local heritage


Pétanque and table tennis


Wifi access and satellite TV



Activities in the region


Hiking in the Cévennes National Park (0kms)


Swimming pool in Saint Privas de Vallongue (8kms)


Fishing in the pond of Barrandon (40kms)


Day-trip to the Aven Armand (60kms)


Exploring the small valley of the Villaret (60kms)


Day-trip to the Mount Aigoual observatory (60kms)


Relaxing at the lake of Villefort (70kms)


Exploring the Gorges du Tarn and canoeing (30kms)


Exploring wildlife in the area of Mount Lozère (5,574 ft high) (20kms)




Accomodation tariff


Capacity max 6 person/yurt and 20 person max on the campsite

Free for children under 6 years old

  1st September – 30 June 1st July - 31 Aout
  Nigth with breakfast Week whithout breakfast Week whithout breakfast
2 Adults 60 € 300 € 420 €
3 Adults 70 € 350 € 470 €
4 Adults 80 € 400 € 520 €
5 Adults 90 € 420 € 540 €
6 Adults 100 € 440 € 560 €

Contact and access to Cassagnas


By car : GPS references Longitude 3,76 Latitude 44,27


Cassagnas can be reached by road (RN 106) ; it is located 20kms away from Florac and 50kms away from Alès.


1h ½ drive from Nimes, 2h from Orange, 1h15 from Marvejols


By train :


SNCF station in Nimes, Alès, Le Monastier and Villefort.

We can pick you up in Alès.



Our phone number is : 06 52 22 14 07


For further information or booking, please fill out the form below :








The traditional yurt is the most important element of the Mongolian nomadic life.


The dwelling is composed of a single room with a stove in the middle ;

smoke evacuation is made through the top of the tent.


Our yurts come from Mongolia, they are equipped with :


  • 1 double bed or 1 twin-bed (sheets and pillowcases not provided)

  • 2 single beds

  • 1 nomadic table and 6 stools

  • 1 chest

  • 1 additional heating

  • 1 garden set for relaxation or meals



Close to the yurts, you have access to a toilet block and a lounge,

fully equipped with a fridge, cooking plate, oven and microwave ;

all pots, pans and dinnerware are provided.

You can have the run of a satellite TV, a computer, books and games.

The tables and chairs can be used in the lounge and on the terrace

overlooking the Cévennes Park.


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